Online Ads are the Bastard Children of the T&T Digital Marketing

Online Ads are the Bastard Children of the T&T Digital Marketing

We’ve all been online, browsing articles we’ve stumbled across (instead of reviewing that annual report), when we see that ad for Digicel, Loop or Island Fusion. If we’re curious enough, and have got the time, we click to see what happens.

A lot of the time, we’re taken to the brand’s respective Facebook Fan page. This is the equivalent of dumping your children on the babysitter’s doorstep, but neglecting to ring the doorbell. We’re abandoned, directionless, with the assumption that we’ll know well enough to enter the door.

In this new era of Digital Marketing, many brand managers are not aware of the optimization tools available and opportunities squandered by using this method. There’s a difference between being dumped on a doorstep and being ushered in and greeted with smiles and attention.

Here’s what proper online ushering looks like:

Open the Door with a Smile

Let’s face it, we’re on the web – home to charlatans, phonies, viruses and bankrupt Nigerian princes, so assure your virtual guest they’re in the right place and among people they can trust. Be polite, helpful and courteous, like any good host or hostess.

Gesture Towards the Path

Just as you open any door and gesture in the direction your guest should take, so too online define the path you’d like your guest to take. Do you want to them to become a fan, share information or sign-up? Gesture the path for your guest to take.

Talk to your Guest about their Problem

This is not a social call, your guest is here because you offered to provide a solution to a problem they’re having. You offered to furnish for an empty home, nutrition for an empty belly or to cut their lawn more quietly. Talk to your guest about how your solution can fix their problem. A good host or hostess is interested in her guests’ interests.

Don’t treat your online ads like bastard children. Using these tips you’re guaranteed to improve your conversion rates, lose less leads and waste less ad money.