2024 is our last year as a teenager in TriniAd-land. We’ve learnt so much and there’s still so much to do! Quite frankly, we’re proud of ourselves.

2005 was a significant year. Trinidad and Tobago’s Soca Warriors qualified for the FIFA World Cup finals for the first time in our nation’s history. The very first YouTuber uploaded a clip to the site entitled ‘Me At The Zoo’. And we took the plunge and set sail for a new adventure, with excitement, an emotional connection and assurance that The Buzz could compete with anyone in the business.

Now, nineteen years later, we’ve proved our place as one of the premier ad agencies in Trinidad and Tobago, and we’re looking forward to continuing to make a big difference in the evolving space of advertising.

The BUZZ team has always been brimming with talent, resilience and determination. We’ve delivered consistent work that makes everyone else in our field sit up and take notice. We’re proud to say that we’ve kept multiple clients for almost two decades: growing and innovating along with their internal changes and the ups and downs of the market.

However, there’s no way we could have succeeded if not for the clients who believed in us from the start, as well as those who saw our value and joined us in partnership over the last nineteen years. We exist to serve and it has been a pleasure to work with each one of these companies.

No campaign we’ve ever launched has ever hinged solely on compelling turn of phrase or striking design. Our team is skilled, experienced and puts in the elbow grease for every single job, strategically considering campaign messaging, the state of the market, the appropriate media channels available and — hardest of all — how to capture the moment. Through a lot of hard work and God’s grace, we’ve built something substantial on those four advertising pillars.

We embrace every mountain and valley as part of our journey. And we continue to evolve, adapt and innovate for the future — that’s why in our restructuring we have a Chief Creative Officer and a Chief Innovation Officer supporting our Managing Director, to ensure that The BUZZ keeps up with rapidly expanding technological landscape while staying true to our clients needs in a creative, sustainable way.

It’s been a wild ride, but, “We eh done yet.” Happy 19th BUZZ Day!