Tick Tick TIKTOK… Times Up!

Tick Tick TIKTOK… Times Up!

We’ve been advising our clients on new media channels and encouraging them to engage in relevant platforms since back in the day when local brands were hesitant to venture onto Facebook. 

Buuuuut… TikTok is for dance trends, weird challenges and off the wall comedy skits, no? 

YES, YES and YES but it’s also so much more! TikTok calls itself the “destination for short-form mobile videos.” It’s full of how-to vids, recipes, world news, fitness routines and more. 

Just like the other social media platforms, TikTok works on an algorithm that feeds you the content that it thinks you will enjoy, dependent on your viewing habits, search history, location and other factors, because your social media feed says a whole lot about you… but that’s for another blog post! For now, we’ll just drink water and mind our business 🙂

It’s true that you get more views on posts that are more “on trend” as they are pushed to a wider audience. But what’s on-trend for one brand is not the same for another. And, just like the other platforms, you don’t have to jump on every trend. 

Wanna know what else is cool about it? 

Many of the trends cross platforms as users tend to frequent two or more platforms so there’s a lot of cross pollination. That means a post or story can flourish on more than one, and sometimes even all the platforms that a brand is on. Some reconfiguration may be necessary and some re-captioning, but the concept pretty much carries through.

Some facts about TikTok to help you decide if it’s the right platform for your brand.

• All content is video based.

• Primarily younger audiences but growing in a more mature demographic. 

• More than 1 billion active uses worldwide and growing in T&T.

• #TrinidadandTobago has grown from 15 million to almost 1 billion views in 6 months.

• Most downloaded app in 2022.

• Highest engagement rate per post across platforms.

• 90% of its users access the app daily for at least 60 minutes.

• Paid ads are not yet available in Trinidad & Tobago.

All in all, this is a great time for Trinbagonian brands to get on TikTok. Our observation is that, even though we can’t run paid ads as yet, local content is being pushed to our native audience. If we reference our experience with the other social media platforms, when the ads start running there will be less organic push. Has this been your experience? What do you think of local brands engaging on the platform?

Have a look at what we are doing on TikTok for Dairy Dairy and for The BUZZ.