The Real Superbowl Winner

The Real Superbowl Winner

So…seen any good ads lately? Here at The Buzz, we’re always looking for inspiration. So, if you’re like us, you most likely flocked to the advertising mecca known as the SuperBowl. And while there were some ads that were definitely Buzz -worthy, perhaps the real star of the show was the Newcastle Brown Ale and its “Band of Brands” ad that actually aired on an NBC affiliate station, and not on the SuperBowl station at all! For its ad, Newcastle turned to crowdsourcing, to get some support, as seen from this initial appeal:

The result was a well-executed ad packed with 37 brands facing the same dilemma as Newcastle: how do you get your brand noticed? With everyone watching and waiting, how do you pay for a spot at the SuperBowl? (Without spending all of your marketing budget, of course!)

They’re now being hailed as the “Robin Hood of the Super Bowl” – allowing smaller companies to play in the Big League. Dare we dream of the possibilities (or problems) that could arise from this trend of advertising? Smaller companies, with little advertising budget have the chance to be seen and heard – similar to their big brand competitors – and all at a convenient cost. With benefits so easy to see, what could possibly be the downfall?

In a crowdsourcing venture, who gets the most air time? Whose name gets mentioned first? Is it at all possible for brand ego to take a backseat for the greater good? Or is the blur of logos just too much for everyone to receive the recognition it deserves?

Whichever side of the fence we stand on, we can all agree, Newcastle Brown Ale brought an interesting, unconventional way to attempt to bring recognition to otherwise unnoticeable brands. Have a look at the “logotastic adstravaganza” here:

But do tell us, apart from Newcastle, how many brands from the ad can you actually remember?