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DIC Online Training

Case Study

The Challenge

The Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) is the entity which provides protection to depositors of commercial banks and other such deposit taking institutions should these same institutions fail.

It was discovered that not only is there a lack of awareness amongst the general public about the role and functions of the DIC, but also amongst the staff at financial institutions. As the “gatekeepers” to the majority of financial customers, it was deemed critical to get the staff at financial institutions up to speed.

The Solution

Through the use of a Learning Management System, The Buzz Ltd designed a method to train the necessary staff of the relevant national financial institutions on DIC policies, regulations and payouts, plus the importance of the DIC to maintaining a healthy financial sector.

The system had to embrace simplicity, security, reporting and accessibility to meet the needs of the staff member to be trained, their financial institution, and of course, the DIC, in order to track progress and realise targets.

The Buzz Ltd conceptualised and produced a self-guided course comprised of a number of training modules which incorporated explanation videos, slideshows and quizzes. The system also generates a Certificate of Completion.

Programme Components

Secure Self-Registration

Self-guided Courses

Interactive Quizzes

Monthly Reporting

The Results

This is an ongoing exercise, however initial feedback and results from various staff members and management of financial institutions, as well as the DIC, are quite positive. 

Within 4 months, the course logged:




Certificates Issued


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