Want to create award winning campaigns? With The Buzz Ltd, It’s MISSION POSSIBLE!

Want to create award winning campaigns? With The Buzz Ltd, It’s MISSION POSSIBLE!

The Buzz Limited and Dairy Dairy went on a mission and returned with super successful results!

At the most recent AAATT Awards, our Possibility Kids campaign won 2 Gold campaign awards:

  • Best Overall TV Campaign
  • and Best Overall Online/Social Media Campaign

and was a finalist in overall Best In Show Cross Media Campaign.

As summarised by the international judges in their critique of this campaign:

Super tight strategically, a clear red thread and insight across all executions and donning a clever and well-crafted line that would not go amiss in any global campaign, ‘Fill Up With Possibility’.
The creative possibilities are endless.

How’d We Do It?

Mission: Find the BIG idea


Research. Define marketing goals. Find the big idea to move forward. That was all part of the process when Dairy Dairy milk wanted to ‘reignite’ their business category. The idea at its basic core was to show with Dairy Dairy all good things are possible for children. The campaign straddled both the imaginary world (via TV/print) and the real world (via social media) of kids who made their dreams reality. Dairy Dairy became the means to “full up on possibility” enabling parents to make their aspirations and wishes for their children come true.

Mission: Bring the idea to Life

Successful missions all start with the right team. The Buzz creative team made up of artists, writers and digital specialists collaborated with many additional creative professionals including animators, film directors, music producers and photographers to fully deliver on this cohesive 360 campaign.

Mission: Take the idea to the Next Level

The social media campaign added real context to possibility kids. Through numerous interviews, and both online and ‘in-person’ research, we found and highlighted some of the most interesting children throughout Trinidad and Tobago. From musical prodigies to accomplished artists, young sport stars and brilliant academics, their achievements and stories inspired children and parents alike. Visit each child’s profile.

The campaign even became the basis of a twice weekly segment on local news featuring some of this nation’s most interesting ‘possibility kids’.

Special thanks to Dairy Distributors and all involved in making these awards possible!