Wanna Know the Good News about Gen C? Your Birth Date No Longer Matters!

Wanna Know the Good News about Gen C? Your Birth Date No Longer Matters!

Even if you don’t want to admit it, I will.

I’m the child of Boomer parents who’s old enough to be a Gen X’er and young enough to be a Millennial with a child who could also be a Millennial or X-llennial or Alpha or whatever.

Which means I’m also a child of the 80s, who’s bridged that exciting gap between pre-tech and post: record player, cassette player, cd player, MP3 player… and smartphone. We can use them all!

Gen vs Gen

So, I struggle with the fact that, apparently, I have to choose — Which Gen are you? Which bracket do you fall in? Which were your best days?

All of my days and our days were the best days!

But this new Gen — totally unlike the new horoscope sign, which doesn’t affect mine, but just seems so unnecessary — I totally welcome. I’m loving this new talk about Gen C.

Gen C?

Haven’t heard about it yet? No probs… They’re still deciding if Gen C means Community or Connectivity, but I think it stands for — and works for — both, either and neither.

Technically: “Gen C is a powerful new force in culture and commerce… they span the generations, empowered by technology to search out authentic content that they consume across all platforms and all screens, whenever and wherever they want. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here — but brands that take the time to understand them and properly engage with them will find a willing and influential audience.”

Gen Me!

So the beauty of Gen C (in my opinion) is that it removes age. We no longer have to try to figure out what date bracket we were born in and then say, “But that’s not me, because I…”

We no longer have to scorn those who don’t because, “They…”

It’s like the perfect collective space that allows all of us — who want to — to embrace how digitally connected we are, how socially ready (despite the distance) we are and how uncommonly sensible we are because we continue to be excited about all these new adventures.

But what about the ads?!

Does it impact advertising? That’s totally up to each one of us, as consumers, to decide — what you want to consume, how, where, when you consume it and, most importantly, if you even choose to.

And as advertising professionals, all we can do is continue to create, way beyond the traditional vacuum that we’ve lived in, and embrace (encourage/foster/catalyze/inspire) others to join us.

If you ask me, now, what I am… I’ll say Gen C and the C is for Curious.