Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Motivators & Mentors. Innovators & Influencers. Pioneers & Problem Solvers… This International Women’s Day we celebrated them all!

For the last 110 years, women around the world have been celebrating International Women’s Day with parades, activities, social media challenges and more. At The Buzz, we decided to join in the fun!

Considering every thing that’s been happening lately with gender based violence, the month gave us a chance to shine a positive light on on all the contributions women have made in T&T over the years.

From game changing historical icons like Audrey Layne Jeffers to modern, young influencers like Ashlee Burnett, we spent the month learning about all the amazing things that Trini women represent.

We talked to politicians and women’s rights advocates, artists and activists, women who literally opened their homes to provide shelter for other women in need and women who used their weaknesses to themselves stronger.

It was eye opening, affirming and inspiring to get a glimpse of what women around the country are doing and have been doing for the past century.

If you didn’t have a chance to see the stories on our social media pages, you can also check them out on our redesigned website buzz.com. Feel free to let us know which story was your fave or share a story and picture of your own so that we can celebrate amazing, inspiring women every day!