Your Guide To Marketing To Millennials

Your Guide To Marketing To Millennials

A narcissistic, self-absorbed, selfie generation. It’s the reputation of Generation Y- that group of people aged 19 -35, also known as millennials. Whether that’s true or not, we’ll let your Instagram account determine!

Until then, the one thing we can agree on is one of the most challenging tasks in marketing is getting millennials to stop posting for just a minute and simply notice you. But trust us- it’s possible. So if you want to gain some valuable selfie time, and have millennials acknowledge your outstanding advertising efforts, here’s what you need to know:

Be Sincere

To millennials, nothing stinks more than insincerity – and they can smell it from miles away! Make your message real and genuine and you’re sure to get some attention – and who knows, maybe even a ‘Like’!

Produce Valuable Content

This better be good! If you’re expecting to consume a millennial’s time, then your content should in some way add value to their life. If in some way you can make your information tweet-worthy, then your brand is sure to benefit!

Personalize and Customize

K. Quick survey! How many Coca-Cola bottles do you have with your name on the label?

Generation Y has grown accustomed to having their specific needs catered to, and brands should encourage this. By indulging millennials, you not only bring awareness and positive sentiments towards your brand, but millennials’ need for gratification is simultaneously satisfied. That means everyone’s a winner!

The Multi-Tasking Millennials

See it on Twitter, Share it on Facebook, Like it on Instagram. Most millennials make full use of multiple media platforms and so should you. Your brand is sure to gain greater recognition once this is done. Even while watching television, millennials are scrolling through their phones or tablets. That means multiple screens = multiple messages, just waiting to be seen by your target!

The Human Touch

Although digitally connected, millennials still do crave human interaction. So when they do rise from their virtual world, be sure your customer service is beyond satisfaction.

Although millennials are looked upon as a vapid, uninspired generation, the truth is their being exudes multiple contradictions :

This is perhaps why marketing to them is indeed a difficult task, as finding a balance between these paradoxical lines can be challenging. Additionally , information is easily accessible to them and they can decipher lies from truth, sincerity from hoaxes a lot easier. They do not simply accept your truth, but they research, read, and find their own truths. So, if your aim is to achieve successful marketing, consider the aforementioned tips, and see your brand gain acceptance and popularity amongst members of the most coveted market of millennials.