Who says the Video has to match the Song?

Who says the Video has to match the Song?

One of the criticisms leveled at Fay-Ann Lyons’ Raze video is that the video doesn’t match the song. We probably live in a sophisticated enough era where we know that creative interpretation can lead in myriad directions (just not into snowy, woodland areas).

After all, back in the 1980’s, we accepted Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal, thrillingly magical videos about some pretty depressing subjects.

With this in mind, we began thinking about other forms of creative output that initially don’t seem to match either, they’re inexplicable… until you get to the end.

Here are a couple of 2015 Cannes Lions award-winning ads who’s ending you won’t see coming.

Expressive Boss

Touchy-feely pushed to the limit.

Heartbroken Steve

Even the weather was perfect.

The Notebook

Oh, the feels!