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What The Buzz Is All About

[su_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”0.5″ delay=”0.4″]We’re more than an advertising agency to our clients. We are their communications solutions partner. And to be an effective partner, there are some fundamental principles that hold true for all that we do:
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  • Understanding our client’s business
  • Discovering consumer insights
  • Developing solid strategy
  • Producing idea-driven creative solutions

[su_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”0.5″ delay=”0.5″]Whether through our own resources or working with strategic partners, we deliver effective, meaningful work that makes a positive difference to our client’s business.

In a nutshell – “We create a buzz for your brands and services”.[/su_animate]

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Our global partner network: Worldwide Partners Inc. (WPI)

[su_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”0.5″ delay=”0.7″]Local-market experts on a global scale. The Buzz is a member of WPI – the world’s largest owner-operated network. The structure is a bottom-up, collaborative network of agencies with specialties in varied communication disciplines. Ultimately the network focus is on achieving global excellence through local effectiveness. WPI comprises over 60 agencies in over 40 countries with 146 offices across the globe. This unique network benefits The Buzz and our clients through cross border collaborations, research and insights on new trends and industry advances, as well as training and development.

Worldwide Partners


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Management Team


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Fernan DeGannes[/su_animate]
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Fernan DeGannes

Director Client Services[su_spacer size=”2″][/su_animate]
[su_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”0.5″ delay=”1.3″]Fernan has over 35 years in the advertising business and has worked on many leading global, regional and local brands and services. He brings considerable communication experience to the table with emphasis on client services, brand analysis and media strategy. He has been an active member of the Advertising Agency Association Trinidad and Tobago for a number of years and is currently the Vice-President.[/su_animate][/su_column]

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Simone Jacelon[/su_animate]
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Simone Jacelon

Creative Director[su_spacer size=”2″][/su_animate]
[su_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”0.5″ delay=”1.6″]Simone is an experienced professional who is charged with the responsibility of overall quality of the creative product. Strong in conceptual development and art direction, she is one of the rare creatives who has an affinity for our clients’ marketing issues. Simone is on the board of various charities including one of which she founded, Missing Solace, a pregnancy loss support organisation.

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Jason Stedman[/su_animate]
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Jason Stedman

Creative Director [su_spacer size=”2″][/su_animate]
[su_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”0.5″ delay=”1.9″]Jason has a solid grasp of strategic issues and a deft way with copy. He has developed award-winning advertising campaigns for clients in a variety of industries. In addition to knowledge of many brand-building and creativity generation methods and techniques, he holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication. Jason is also a Director of the T&T Transparency Institute.

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Mary Fullerton[/su_animate]
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Mary Fullerton

Director of Finance/Administration [su_spacer size=”2″][/su_animate]
[su_animate type=”fadeInLeft” duration=”0.5″ delay=”2.2″]Mary’s career spans over 30 years in the advertising industry. She was VP, Financial and Administration Director at a leading international agency with responsibilities throughout the Caribbean and brings strong judgement, management and internationally-proven disciplines to The Buzz. Mary holds an Executive MBA, and serves on the Board of Directors of CECU and CREDI. She is also the CEO/ Founder of The ADHD Foundation of T&T.[/su_animate][/su_column]

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